Blythswood Care Shoebox Appeal

Author: Miss. Sandra Mackay


In November – December 2020 a couple of ladies from the congregation volunteered at Blythswood Care‘s Glasgow warehouse for their final checking of boxes before they were shipped to the various Eastern European countries.  This involved helping to check each box contained all the essential items, a selection of non-essential “nice extras” as well as tracts and calendars in the language of the receiving country.  It quickly became apparent there was a huge disparity between the amount of boxes for children compared with the number of boxes for adults, especially elderly men and women.  It was decided that as a congregation the following year we would get involved by aiming to fill 10-12 boxes for this age group.

Following approval from the kirk session, an appeal was made to the congregation for empty shoe boxes and for any of the essential/desirable items from the recommended list.  Over the following months the project was inundated with items & cash donations.  Subsequently this led to a couple of nights of wrapping the boxes, and a couple of nights filling them – energised by pizza and sweet treats!  In the end 29 boxes were filled and delivered to the Glasgow depot.  The congregation have since received a letter and certificate of acknowledgement from Blythswood Care.


While it was good to be able to support the Blythswood Care appeal, it was also a lovely opportunity for the women to have times of fellowship together.  However it must be acknowledged that many men in the congregation also actively participated in donating to the appeal while not invited to join the ladies ‘shoebox’ nights!

Once again a big thank you is extended to all those who contributed in the various ways (donating goods, finances or time).  Above all we thank the Lord for giving us a burden, and the means, to be able to help in this small way towards the ministry in another part of His vineyard.


We would like to repeat this project and once again welcome any old shoe-boxes and donations of fillers for elderly men and women.  We are starting by collecting warm hats, scarves and gloves.  Donations can be placed in the labelled box in the church.  For those wishing more details, leaflets can be found at the literature table – these outline the recommended box size along with the list of essential and non-essential items stipulated by Blythswood Care.  Please note anyone who prefers to complete their own box for any age group, will be welcome to add this to the collated pile for taking to the depot.

Published on March 9, 2022
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